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Free Crypto Faucet at DuckDice Casino

Faucet makes it possible to open up the world of online casinos to a wider range of players.

How to claim Faucet?

To claim free cryptocurrency from Faucet you need to enter Faucet Mode. Modes switcher can be found in the top left corner of the game field.

Faucet at DuckDice

How to withdraw Faucet?

First of all, you need to win equal to or higher than the minimum cashout amount. When winnings are sufficient they can be cashed out to the Main Mode balance. This transaction called Cashout and can be done by clicking the same name button on top of the game field. When Faucet winnings are on the Main Mode balance you can either bet more, exchange to other currency, rain it to other players, send a tip, claim Deposit Bonus, win Jackpot, catch Lucky Bet and other bonuses, withdraw, etc.

Why my Cashout pending?

Some very small numbers of Faucet cashout can be stopped for a review. This can be done for various reasons but mostly because you were quite a heavy Faucet player. Keep in mind that you are expected to majorly play from deposited funds and not solely earn from the faucet.

While wagering in Faucet Mode:

  1. your bets can not participate in any automated contests or bonuses such as Sniper Race, Wagering Contest, Lucky Bet, etc.
  2. you can not win Jackpot
  3. the wagered amount will not count towards level up
  4. you can not claim Deposit Bonus
  5. you can not send a tip or make a rain
  6. you can not exchange funds
  7. if you overuse faucets cooldown may be set
  8. if you overuse faucets by playing from more than one account your cashout may be canceled
  9. if the daily faucet limit reached you will need to wait for the next day
  10. if the cashout limit reached you will need to wait until unlocked

How to play player vs player tic-tac-toe game?

User and computer will take turns marking the spaces in the grid. The player who succeeds in placing three of their marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row wins the game.

The opponent will be found in maximum 10 seconds if no opponent can be found you will play tic-tac-toe with a computer. A player who initiated the Game has to make the first move. Each turn must not exceed 10 seconds limit. If the current player doesn’t make a move or closes a Faucet window an opponent wins and a current player loses. The Faucet will be claimed by a player who won a game or in the case of three consequent draws with two different players. If a player lost three times in a row cooldown will be set to 3 minutes.

Why do I need to wait till next Faucet claim?

The Faucet is a feature that gives free coins for trying the game. This feature has not been designed for earnings and while detecting such activity automatic cooldown system will be enabled.

What is the Faucet amount?

The Faucet amount depends on your level:

    00.00000064 BTC30
    10.00000214 BTC35
    20.00000429 BTC40
    30.00000858 BTC45
    40.00001288 BTC50
    50.00001502 BTC55

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