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Roulette is a unique game established in the late 1700s. Originating from France, this game is played with a numbered and coloured wheel with a ball. This ball is rolled on the wheel of between 34-36 numbers after players have placed bets on a number or any of the colours available for the ball to land or stop.

Concept Gaming’s Roulette is an automated version of the traditional Roulette tables at Canadian brick-and-mortar Casinos. Launched in 2017 by Concept Gaming, this game was designed to offer the gambling thrills of the classic Roulette tables via the four corners of every gambling enthusiast’s computer or mobile screen.

In this top-down review of Concept Gaming’s Roulette, our team has explored all its features, including its mechanics and functionalities, in order to provide you with all the information required for a fun online gambling experience.

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Game Overview

Software ProviderGame TypeRTP (Return To Player)CreatedMin BetMax BetMax Winning (Multiplier)Compatibility
Concept GamingTable Game97.3%10/10/2017C$1.5C$150x35Tablet, Desktop

Game Review

Although this Roulette game functions exactly like the traditional Roulette tables, the only major difference is that the game is operated using a Random Number Generator instead of the usual human dealer. What else have we discovered during our review of this Casino?

Gameplay Graphics

Established recently in 2017 and unlike other top-rated online Roulette variations, Concept Gaming’s Roulette is not exactly a sight for sore eyes. Although the game features a close-up view of the betting table and a 3D view of the rotating Roulette wheel, the game’s graphics could be much better.


Another prominent feature we have highlighted is the mobile compatibility of this game. Although we encountered some menial issues while trying to access this game on mobile, the game functioned seamlessly on wider screens (Tablets and iPads) and on personal computers. With these conditions, it is safe to say that although mobile gamers might not be able to access the game easily, playing on a wider screen is the best bet.


Accessing Concept Gaming’s Roulette isn’t very easy. Concept Gaming is not a widely available software provider at Canadian Crypto Casinos, so accepting its Roulette variation is rare. However, despite this drawback, we have compiled a list of Casinos offering this game further on in this review.


This game has an excellent RTP rating of 97.3% and allows players to win up to 35 times their initial wager. Similar to other popular Roulette variations, Concept Gaming’s Roulette has a wager limit of C$1.5 minimum and C$150 maximum wager limit.

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Concept Gaming’s Roulette Mechanics

Concept Gaming’s Roulette is designed to offer Canadian players an easy-to-play online table game experience. Naturally, Roulette is a game that both gambling enthusiasts and rookies can play, and Concept Gaming has extended this grace to its automated version of the game.

How to Play Concept Gaming’s Roulette

There is no special skill required to play Roulette. Unlike other table games where players might have to do a few things, this game is run basically by the dealer and only requires the players to place their bets. Whether you are a rookie or a seasoned gambler, all you have to do to play Concept Gaming’s Roulette is place your bets on a particular option and watch the ball till it stops. If it lands on any of your options, the roll is won, and new bets can be placed.

Concept Gaming’s Roulette Betting Options

Versatility is a major feature of Roulette’s betting options. Roulette offers a wide range of betting options that allow players to customize their bets according to their preferences and strategies. Below is more information on the betting options and applicable payout conditions.

Tips and Tricks For Playing Roulette

As we have mentioned earlier, playing Roulette does not require a specific skill set. However, a few tips are necessary for the best gaming experience.

Straight Up (Single number bet)36:1
Split (Double number bet)18:1
Street (Three number bet)12:1
Corner Bet (Four number bet)9:1
Twelve number bet (First, Second, or Third Dozen)3:1
Column Bet (12 numbers in a row)3:1
Colours Bet2:1
Odd/Even Bet2:1

Understand the odds

Roulette is a game of chance, and the odds of winning depend on your bet type. For example, betting on a single number (straight-up bet) has a payout of 36 to 1 but has a low probability of winning, while betting on a colour (red or black) has a payout of 2:1 but a higher probability of winning.

Set a budget and stick to it

Before you start playing, set a budget for yourself and stick to it. Don’t try to chase your losses or bet more than you can afford to lose.

Practice with free games

Most online casinos offer free roulette games you can practice before playing with real money. Take advantage of these games to learn the rules and test different betting strategies.

Use a betting strategy

There is no guaranteed way to win at Roulette, but some players use betting strategies to help them manage their bankroll and potentially increase their chances of winning. Some popular strategies include the Martingale, the Reverse Martingale, and the D’Alembert systems.

Quit while you’re ahead

If you’re on a winning streak, consider quitting while you’re ahead. Don’t get greedy and keep playing, as you may end up losing all your winnings.

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Where to Play Roulette by Concept Gaming

Concept Gaming is not very popular at a variety of Canadian Crypto Casinos. However, our team has reviewed several Canadian Casinos and selected the best ones with Concept Gaming’s Roulette in their library.

Final Thoughts

Generally, Roulette is an amazing option for both new and seasoned Canadian Gamblers. However, Concept Gaming’s Roulette game has eliminated the need to be at a brick-and-mortar Casino by delivering a pretty impressive RNG version of the game for both fiat and Crypto gamblers. The variety of betting options and intuitive interface makes it easy for novice and experienced players to enjoy. While some may find the lack of top-notch graphics or special bets limiting, the straightforward nature of the game is part of its appeal. Overall, Concept Gaming’s Roulette is an excellent choice for anyone comfortable without the high graphics and looking for a classic and well-designed game.

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What is the RTP of Concept Gaming’s Roulette?

This game’s RTP rating is a solid 97.3% which shows that the players have an impressive shot at long-term winning chances.

This Roulette variation is provided by which software provider?

This Roulette game is provided by Concept Gaming, a UK-based game development company.

Can I play this game for free?

Absolutely. Players can visit our selection of Casinos offering the game to access the game’s demo version.

Can I play Concept Gaming’s Roulette on Mobile devices?

As we mentioned earlier, playing on mobile isn’t very easy. For this reason, we recommend playing on a wider screen in order to access the game’s full features.

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