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Pontoon is one of the few exciting card games you can play with friends and family in recent times. Many believe this game comes from Vingt-Un (translated 21 in French), a British banking game which have existed since the 17th century. It has features similar to blackjack; blackjack lovers will find the game familiar, but the rules differ. Regardless, this game offers you a premium gaming experience.

Now, blockchain technology has become widely acceptable, becoming a dominant part of the Canadian iGaming scene. Interestingly, many casinos now allow gambling with Bitcoin and other crypto assets online. You can also stake BTC while enjoying your Pontoon online, but you may know little about this game. In this article, we’ll discuss all you need to start playing Bitcoin Pontoon, the best sites to do so, and share some winning strategies with you.

Where to Play Bitcoin Pontoon

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Getting Started with Bitcoin Pontoon

Bitcoin Pontoon is played using one deck of 52 cards, and it can be played with multiple players, just like blackjack. The casino provides the banker, aiming for a hand with 21 or closer, but not exceeding. The cards have varying values, and any player with an Ace plus a 10 card has a Pontoon and wins the game.

Further, the dealer shuffles and deals cards each to all players, which they can check without revealing it to other players. You can stake your digital assets after checking your cards. While also saddled with the right to choose the maximum and minimum bet, the banker pays the winning players and takes the bets of the losing ones.

Meanwhile, the players can twist (hit in blackjack), stick (stand in blackjack), split the cards into different hands, and buy more cards, provided their card does not exceed 21. The game is easy and similar to blackjack, with more exciting twists, which attracts more players.

How to Play Bitcoin Pontoon

While the Bitcoin gameplay may seem familiar for Blackjack players, the two games have their differences. Playing Pontoon is exciting, and the following steps will show you how Pontoon is being played, even if you are a newbie.

  • The banker deals one card each, and each player except the dealer checks their card value.
  • The banker establishes the minimum and maximum bets, and the players make their first bets.
  • A second round of cards is issued by the dealer, and everyone can check the value of their hands.
  • After checking the two cards, the dealer can reveal his hands if he has an Ace and 10 value card, which makes a “Pontoon,” bringing the game to an end with other players losing their stakes.
  • If no Pontoon hand is made, the players can choose to twist (take another card) or stick (remain with their cards), split their hands, or double down (double the stake).
  • The winner with a Pontoon or Five Card Trick wins when the round ends. Everyone loses if the dealer has a Pontoon. However, players with a higher value than the banker’s hand win if the banker has no pontoon hand. Those with a lower hand lose their stake.

Note that all card values must not exceed 21, and you can surrender if you are uncertain about winning the game, making you lose only half of your stake.

Bitcoin Pontoon Card Values

The table below explains the various cards and their values to aid your understanding of the Bitcoin Pontoon game.

AceAce cards are worth 11 or 1, and this depends on the choice of the player holding the card.
King, Jack, and QueenWorth 10
2 – 10 CardsOther cards, excluding the Ace, King, Queen, and Jack, maintain the number printed on them as their values.

Bitcoin Pontoon Winning Strategies

While most Canadian bettors play to win, it is essential to note that winning is not guaranteed, but with proper strategies, you can have a profitable gaming experience. Our team has explained some strategies to help increase your winning chances below.

Understand the games and the rules

The first step in winning a game is to know how the game works and the rules guiding the game. Ensure you know the card values and understand the steps described earlier in this article. Some online casinos may have extra rules for the game; ensure you understand the rules before staking your crypto assets.

Know when to Twist, Stick, or Split

It is vital to know when to take another card or remain with the cards you have. Having excess can make you lose your stake if you keep taking more cards. You can split your hand into two hands in the round if you have similar high-ranked cards.

Know when to Double Down or Surrender

Doubling down will increase your winnings if your card combination assures you of winning, but it can be risky if you don’t have the winning hand, increasing your loss. Surrendering can also help reduce your loss, and it is ideal if you doubt winning or are lower than 16.

Bet wisely and know when to stop

Ensure all your stakes are wisely placed while playing Pontoon and not too high. You can start a little and increase your Bitcoin stake as the game proceeds. Also, know when to stop playing, especially when you’ve made a considerable profit, or you’re on a losing streak.

Bitcoin Pontoon vs. Bitcoin Blackjack

Many punters believe Bitcoin Pontoon and Bitcoin Blackjack have identical origins since they share certain similarities. For instance, the aim is to beat the dealer by having hands of 21 or closest to 21, which exceeds the dealer’s hands. However, below are some differences between the two banking games.

Bitcoin PontoonBitcoin Blackjack
Only one deck of 52 cards is usedMore than two decks of 52 cards are allowed
A banker deals the cardsA dealer deals the game
An Ace with a 10-card value is a PontoonAn Ace and a 10-card value is a blackjack
Cards dealt are face-downOne card faces up while the other faces down
You can only make moves when your card value is 14+You can make any moves anytime you like.
Uses Twist and StickUses Hit and Stand
Buying another card requires doubling the previous stakeBuying another card requires increasing your previous stakes, but not necessarily doubling it.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Pontoon

Pros Logo
  • You can play with Cryptocurrency on some sites
  • Has a high Return to Player Percentage
  • You can Split your hands
  • You can double your stake at any stage
Cons Logo
  • You cannot make a move if your hand value is less than 14
  • Only one deck of 52 cards is allowed


Bitcoin Pontoon may be similar to Blackjack, but they have distinctive features. Regardless, Bitcoin Pontoon is exciting, and you can stake and win crypto assets playing on your favorite online Canadian casino. We have recommended some of the best online casinos in this article.

While we understand some might find it challenging to play this banking game, our team has explained the card values and how you can play it. We also share some tips to help you make profits while playing. However, remember winning is not guaranteed, and you must know when to stop playing.

Finally, playing Pontoon with your digital asset is legal in Canada, and most online casinos have integrated crypto into their platform. Just carefully select the sites that suit your tastes best, register, and start playing. You can also enjoy the privacy, safety, and speed associated with the blockchain technology while playing Bitcoin Pontoon.

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