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Sic Bo, translated as “Dice Pair” in English, is an ancient Chinese game played with three dice. The game originated in Asia and was widely played there before it reached other parts of the world in the 90s. Many believe the game was adopted into casinos to attract Asian players, while others believe immigrants spread it. Regardless of the story, Sic Bo is now a fan favorite among gambling enthusiasts.

Meanwhile, as Cryptocurrency keeps gaining ground globally, many Canadians prefer wagering with it. Blockchain technology offers numerous benefits that keep these players attracted. In this article, we will explain all you need to know about Sic Bo to start playing and also list the best Canadian casinos offering the game.

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Where to Play Sic Bo

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Getting Started with Sic Bo

Sic Bo is one of the easy-to-play dice games in brick-and-mortar and online casinos. It is played with three dice, and you aim to predict the outcomes or total outcome of the thrown dice by betting on your predictions. Correct predictions win while you lose wrong ones. Playing online allows you to play against computer and live dealers, staking with your preferred digital assets or fiat currency.

Meanwhile, our expert advice for newbies is to start playing the demo version, then against the computer, before attempting the live dealer version of the game. You will need more luck if you plan to win real money on Sic Bo. Also, your winning depends on your stake and predicted number, as each prediction has varying odds. You can place multiple bets in each round of the game.

Additionally, Sic Bo has a lower house edge compared to slots, and being able to play with cryptoassets increased the excitement. Since no skill is needed, playing Sic Bo online is also easy, and many Canadian crypto-casinos are adding the game to their lobbies. Also, Sic Bo online runs on Random Number Generator (RGN), meaning every outcome is random and uninfluenced.

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How to Play Sic Bo

Bitcoin Sic Bo has a simple rule: guess the numbers or sum of the numbers facing up after throwing three six-sided dice. Whether you play the Live Dealer or RGN version, it maintains the rules, but the former’s pace might be overwhelming for rookies. After deciding which to play, follow the steps below to make your first crypto wager on Sic Bo.

  • Pick a credible online casino to play on. Consider the licensing, payment methods, security, accessibility, etc., before opting for any online casino. Luckily, we have listed the best crypto casinos offering Sic Bo above.
  • Launch your preferred Sic Bo Game. You must create an account with your selected Canadian online casino, log in, and fund your new account. Locate your desired Sic Bo game and tap it to start playing.
  • Understand the Bets. You might find the Sic Bo table complicated at first. However, view it like a dice version of online roulette, and it will become easy. Learn what each betting option means and their return before picking any.
  • Place your bet. After understanding the betting options, place your bet by clicking the number, sum, or combination you wish to predict, set the number of cryptoassets you want to bet, and place your bet.
  • Roll the dice. You can now roll the dice after placing as many bets as you like. Wait for the dice to stop moving, and you win if your selections face up. Your winning will reflect in your balance instantly.

Understanding the Bets in Sic Bo

Although Sic Bo is easy to play, it is vital to understand the various betting options in the game and the returns they bring. It will guide betting decisions, and luckily, the following table explains the Sic Bo betting options.

BigPredicting total score starting from 11 to 17.1:1
SmallPrediction between 4-10 in total.1:1
SingleYou predict that a specific number will show on any of the dice1:1
DoublePredicting two specific numbers will show on the dice.8:1 – 11:1
TripleBetting on the three dice to show the same number.150:1 – 190:1
Any TriplePredict that the three dice will show the same number.24:1 – 32:1
OddsBetting on a total of the three dice to be an odd number.
EvenThe sum of the three dice will be an even number.
XYZBetting on the outcome to be three specific number that follows each other, e.g., 123, 345, 45630:1
XXYPredict a combination showing a specific number on two dice and another number on the last die.50:1
WXYZPicking a unique four-number combo, and the dice must show three of these numbers to win.7:1
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Sic Bo Winning Strategies

As stated in this article, Sic Bo’s winning depends mostly on luck rather than skills, and winnings are not guaranteed. Regardless, we have prepared some tips below that can improve your profitability.

Understand the Game and the Bets

Understanding the rules guiding the Sic Bo on your online casino is essential. It would help if you tried knowing the betting types, what they mean, and their odds before you start playing. This will ensure you avoid mistakes and make better wagering decisions.

Play on a Reputable Online Casino

Playing Sic Bo in a reputable online casino will ensure safety, transparency, and fairness. This will ensure the dice outcomes are not influenced, and you get your winnings easily. Check for licenses, encryption technology, users’ reviews, game providers, etc., while choosing a credible Canadian Crypto Casino.

Start With Smaller Stakes

Starting a game with smaller bets is vital to protect your bet budgets. You can increase the take as the game continues, especially on a winning streak. Placing large amounts of crypto assets will put your bankroll at risk.

Take Advantage of Bonuses

Instead of risking your funds, you can take advantage of bonuses and promotions offered by online casinos. This can be a Deposit Match, Reload Bonus, or Referral Bonus. You can win with a bonus and withdraw your winnings after fulfilling the wagering requirements.

Sic Bo vs. Craps

Sic Bo and Craps are both dice games and probably the most common out of them all. Since they both involve dice rolls, many confuse them. However, they are two distinct games, and the table below shows some differences.

Sic BoCraps
Sic Bo is played with three diceCraps is played with two dice
Winners and losers are declared after a single dice rollMore than one dice roll may be required for the winner to emerge
Winning mainly depends on luckSkills are required in Craps
Although there are table versions online, Sic Bo is not played on a tableCraps are played on tables
Small and Big are bet options with a house edge lower than 5%Field bet is the only bet with a house edge lower than 5%
Sic Bo is simpler to understandBetting on Craps is a little complicated
Some common bets include Small, Big, Double, etc.Common bets on Craps include Pass Line, Don’t Pass, Come, Don’t Come, etc.
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Dice games are generally exciting, and Sic Bo is one of the simplest to play. The three-dice game of Asian origin has spread across physical and online casinos. Your only aim is to predict the correct number, sum, or combination to win. We have discussed how the game works in this review.

Meanwhile, the game has various bets you should understand before playing. We also shared some tips to improve profitability since the game depends on luck. You can start winning real money with Sic Bo by choosing and betting on the right casino. Also, you can play against the computer or opt for the live dealer version.

Interestingly, you can wager using digital assets. Integrating Bitcoin and other digital assets has attracted many cryptocurrency punters to the online gambling industry. Canadian punters can now play Sic Bo with their favorite digital assets. However, with an enabling environment and easy access to games, bets can be addictive. Ensure you gamble responsibly and know when to stop.

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