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With cryptocurrency and blockchain technology leading the way, finance has a promising future, and these coming years will also experience positive changes. Adopting digital currencies into finance will foster more secure, quick, and easy transactions. While Canadians gradually embrace these changes, not all Fintech firms are convinced about integrating crypto into their services.

However, Changelly is one of the reliable firms that are determined to make buying, selling, and swapping crypto assets easy for Canadians. Our experts at CanadaCasinoBitcoin spent a lot of time evaluating how this credible crypto marketplace works, and we are here to share that. In this article, we’ll discuss Changelly, guiding you through your first crypto transaction via this platform. Are you ready to explore? Let’s roll!

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What is Changelly?

Changelly is a non-custodial crypto marketplace that enables easy buying and selling of digital currencies. This platform also allows newbies and pro traders to swap crypto assets, and it requires no registration. Changelly commenced operation in 2015 in Prague before Malta’s crypto-friendly atmosphere influenced the change of location.

Meanwhile, Changelly only links traders with exchanges with the best rates since it has over 350 API partners. Users can access 500+ crypto assets on Changelly but do not store digital assets for their users, making it safe. With a reasonable fee charged, the KYC requirement is not strict, and it only takes a few minutes to complete.

Accessing Changelly is easy through the browser and more exciting with its mobile application. You can earn via the Changelly affiliate program, and friendly customer support is on standby. However, the payment options are limited, and your local currency must be converted into Euro, Dollar, or Pound to complete a purchase. This crypto marketplace can aid your crypto-gambling experience with its convenience, anonymity, and speed.

Completing Your First Crypto Purchase via Changelly

Diverse Canadians own or desire to own cryptocurrency for a myriad of reasons, which range from trading, investing, and even wagering. With Changelly, buying digital assets is easy as one of the platform’s goals is to make virtual assets obtainable for users. Our team has provided a step-by-step guide on buying your first cryptocurrency via Changelly. The steps include:

  • Visit the Changelly website and click “Buy” on the homepage. Pick the type of digital currency you want, the fiat currency you wish to buy with.
  • Pick one out of the best offers available for your purchase.
  • Input your crypto wallet address and click continue. Make sure it is correct.
  • Verify your identity with the vendor by inputting your email. Click ‘continue’ and insert the verification code sent to your mail.

Complete your transaction by paying and check your cryptocurrency wallet for credited digital currency.

Funding Your Crypto Gambling Account

Now that you have your desired digital currency in your wallet, you can stake it in the Canadian crypto casino of your choice. However, funding your casino account with cryptocurrency is essential, and this is how to go about it.

  • Log into the Canadian crypto casino you prefer with your username and password. You can access the gambling platform via a browser or application for those with mobile apps.
  • Click Deposit on the homepage or go to the Banking section to access the Deposit portal. This will lead you to the list of deposit methods on the gambling site.
  • Change your currency from fiat to crypto, and choose your preferred crypto asset. Insert the amount you wish to deposit and click continue to proceed.
  • The next page will show a unique crypto asset wallet address and a QR code. You can use the QR code or crypto address to complete your funding. Copy the address.
  • Launch your crypto wallet and initiate a transfer of digital assets. Paste the generated address from your crypto account in the destination address and proceed. You can also scan the QR code if your wallet app is on another device.
  • Complete your transaction by authenticating the crypto transfer. Ensure you verify the transaction details before confirming the crypto transfer.
  • Return to your Canadian crypto account and wait a few moments for your crypto deposit to reflect. You can start playing once it’s credited.

Pros and Cons of Purchasing Crypto Via Changelly

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  • A wide range of cryptocurrencies is accepted.
  • The exchange is secure.
  • Allows you to swap digital assets.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • No registration is required, and quick KYC process.
  • Reasonable limits and liquidity.
Cons Logo
  • You cannot sell crypto assets for fiat money.
  • A little costlier than some exchanges.
  • It has limited payment options.
  • To buy crypto, your fiat currency must be converted to Euros, Pounds, or Dollars.
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Alternatives to online cryptocurrency exchanges

Our Verdict

Changelly has established itself as one of the trusted exchanges to use for crypto transactions. Its simplicity, credibility, and user-friendliness, amongst other perks, contribute to its feat. Since Changelly is not a custodial exchange, you don’t need to worry about the safety of your digital assets. Also, the KYC is easy to pass, and you can even join their affiliate scheme to earn.

However, our study reveals that this crypto marketplace is best for digital asset swapping. It is because swapping tends to be cheaper than buying with fiat money, and considering their vast API partners, this is safe and easy. But then, that doesn’t mean trading through Changelly is too expensive.

Finally, Changelly is a credible firm whose transparency and excellent track record speak for it. The legitimacy of this non-custodial digital currency exchange is not in doubt, and buying, swapping, and selling crypto via this platform would be an excellent experience for you. It will also contribute to your enjoyable crypto-gambling adventure.

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Can I use Changelly to buy cryptocurrencies for online casino gambling?

Yes, Changelly is suitable for buying digital assets into your private crypto wallet. You can then deposit the purchased crypto into your Canadian crypto gambling platform.

Are there any fees involved in purchasing cryptocurrencies via Changelly?

Yes, Changelly charges 0.25โ„… fees for its floating exchange services. However, the fee may further be influenced by the type of digital currency you’re buying and the payment method used. Regardless, Swapping cryptocurrencies is cheaper than buying with fiat currency.

Do I need to complete a Know Your Customer (KYC) verification on Changelly?

Yes, you must upload an ID document for verification if you are buying crypto with fiat money. However, the crypto-to-crypto exchange doesn’t require ID; you can complete the KYC by presenting your email address.

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