Complete Account of Twitch’s Crypto Casino Restriction – Where is Roshtein?

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Complete Account of Twitch’s Crypto Casino Restriction – Where is Roshtein?

Twitch is an American streaming platform operated by an Amazon Inc. subsidiary, Twitch Interactive. Unlike other popular streaming platforms that host a wide range of video content, including prerecorded content, Twitch primarily focuses on live-streaming of video games and eSports content.

Following Twitch’s expansion in 2016, which gave way to IRL (In Real Life) and creative streams, gambling enthusiasts like Roshtein began streaming their daily gambling sessions on popular online Casinos. Despite various petitions against gambling on Twitch over the years, online slot streams were among the top 10 most watched streams in 2022, with online streamers like Roshtein and TrainwrecksTV topping the charts with over 40 million hours watched.

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Why did Twitch Ban Slot Streams?

Given slots’ reputation as one of Twitch’s most streamed categories despite the years of criticism from the public, Twitch’s post on X (formerly known as Twitter) on the 20th of September 2022 raised a major question among users of the platform; What prompted Twitch to ban Slot streams after the years of tolerance?

On the 18th of September 2022, a Twitch streamer popularly known as Lacari took to the famous social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), calling out a renowned Twitch streamer known as ItsSliker for swindling him out of $1,000 to fund his gambling addiction.

Lacari Twitter

Following Lacari’s post, some other streamers came out to address the issue, proving that ItsSliker also borrowed money from them and used a bank freeze as an excuse for not paying it back. With over $200,000 in debt, ItsSliker confessed in a live stream the day after, stating:

“I used to gamble a lot of my money. Basically, all my Twitch money. I would come across streamers and ask them if I could borrow money. I wouldn’t give them the reason, obviously. Because it was gambling, I would lie to them. My initial thoughts were I will be paying them back. I never intended in scamming anyone, and I will still pay off the people I owe.”

However, this scandal reiterated many thoughts against gambling streams, with some users requesting that the platform be shunned until Twitch gambling streams were stopped.

In a bid to address the concerns of its users and regulate gambling streams on the platform, Twitch took the first step by prohibiting all streaming of gambling sites that include slots, roulette, or dice games that aren’t licensed in the US or other jurisdictions that provide sufficient customer protection. While these casinos were initially Stake, Rollbit, Roobet, and Duelbits, the platform, in 2023, also added Blaze and Gamdom to its list of banned platforms.

Twitch gambling streams were stopped

What Happened to Roshtein?

Although “ItsSliker” isn’t a slots streamer, his actions catalyze the ban of some slot streams, including one of the most famous slot streamers on the platform, Roshtein.

What Happened to Roshtein?

Who is Roshtein?

Roshtein is a Swedish, Malta-based high-rolling gambling streamer. Born in 1988, Roshtein is one of the pioneers of slot streaming on Twitch and in the world, following the platform’s IRL policy update in 2016. Roshtein is renowned mainly for his colossal wagers and his extroverted playing style, sharing about his sessions as he played.

Real NameIshmael Schwartz
PlatformsKick @ Roshtein
Twitter @ Roshtein
Instagram @ Roshtein
Reddit @ Roshtein
Biggest Win$18.750.000 On Wanted Dead Or A Wild Slot
Net WorthAbove $33 million
Affiliate CasinoStake Casino

Where is Rostein?

While Roshtein has been involved in some controversies in the past, Roshtein has been absent from Twitch simply because of the platform’s new policy regarding gambling. Roshtein is known simply for his thrilling slot streams and mostly plays on Stake Casino. Given Twitch’s new policy, not only is Roshtein unable to stream his slots, but he also won’t be able to play on Stake Casino, as this is one of the websites Twitch has blacklisted.

When Will Roshtein be Streaming Again?

While Roshtein last streamed on Twitch about 3 months ago, the streamer has been constantly streaming on Twitch’s rival platform,

Another Streamer affected by Twitch’s new gambling Policy is TrainwrecksTV, an active slot streamer who has also started promoting Kick recently.

Roshtein’s Partnership with Stake Casino

Streamer-casino cooperations work for both parties. On the one hand, the streamer charges the Casino for promoting their platform and games, while on the other hand, the Casino gets new users from the streamer’s active audience.

In recent days, Roshtein mainly uses Bitcoin (BTC) to fund his Stake account, which gives us reason to believe he’s an affiliate on the site, so some of his earnings likely go toward his streams. Additionally, he has a deal with Stake, possibly involving direct funds for his gambling streams, but it’s not confirmed.

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While the Catalyst of the new anti-gambling policy isn’t even a slot streamer, it came as a surprise that popular slot streamers like Roshtein suffer the burn of it. However, following Twitch’s recent crackdown on unlicensed gambling websites, Roshtein and other famous slot streamers have made a notable move to While it might appear that Roshtein left Twitch due to the ban, it’s crucial to clarify that he made a deliberate choice to switch to, which happens to be a rival streaming platform.

Although this shift highlights the adaptability and flexibility of content creators in the ever-changing world of iGaming, Twitch’s decision to ban specific gambling streams aimed to tackle financial recklessness, thus emphasizing the concept of responsible gambling for streamers, platforms, players, and viewers alike.

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